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What does minus -62F look like? Here it is.

Notice the vapor rising from the dogs' breaths. I took this video a few years ago while heading back on my trail to retrieve a cache on the other side of a low mountain pass. It was too steep, and the snow was too dry to haul the entire load, so I dropped half of it to retrieve it the following day. This is a rare moment when I can ride on the sled. There were 22 malamutes on this team. Regardless of temperatures, we always stay moving, traveling, and working our way farther into the Arctic.

It doesn't phase the dogs at all. They are happy as long as they do what they love to do, and what they have been doing for thousands of years in their homeland.

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Feb 18, 2023

Nice pace in this one!


Feb 17, 2023

Truly amazing what the team is doing! Yes, many years ago I experienced minus 40 below while on temporary duty at Eielson AFB, AK near Fairbanks, I couldn't wait to get back to warner 20 below at Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage, AK!!!!

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