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"This is How We Roll."

Some of us have seen videos of sled dog racers standing on the runners, speeding across the finish line with ecstatic crowds cheering and bright lights flashing.

When I watched this video that Janice had taken while visiting me last year in late April, I realized how far removed we are from modern-day dog sledding.

This is how we travel for months at a time, one "step" at a time, climbing mountain passes, building snow bridges across creeks, setting up camp and breaking camp every day, traveling across regions of the Arctic that haven't ever been traveled before by dog-team in recorded history and seeing God's amazing creation, untouched and undisturbed. This is how we roll.

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Karol Severa
Karol Severa
Feb 14, 2023

The way I was imagining life when I was a kid. Makes me happy to see that someone somewhere made it true.


Tamara Wood
Tamara Wood
Feb 13, 2023

Breathtaking! Great to see you out in the front leading the way for your dogs.

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